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Mental Health

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How we support children with their wellbeing and mental health  

The fundamental relationship between emotional and mental well-being and educational achievement is widely recognised and as a result we place great importance on Pastoral Care at Wexham Court. Our vision is to have a full understanding and knowledge of the wide range of pastoral needs of the children in our care and to strive to provide them with the most appropriate support at any given time. We recognise that children need to develop their personal strength, confidence and understanding of self in order to progress emotionally, socially and educationally.  

What if my child is experiencing difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing? 

Mental health doesn’t mean being happy all the time and neither does it mean avoiding stresses altogether. One of the most important ways to help your child is to listen to them and take their feelings seriously. 

In many instances, children and young people’s negative feelings and worries usually pass with the support of their parents and families. It is helpful for the school to know what they are going through at these times, so that staff can be aware of the need and support this. 

Coping and adjusting to setbacks are critical life skills for children, just as they are for adults, but it is important that they develop positive, rather than negative, coping skills. 

If you are ever worried about your child’s mental health and wellbeing then, just as you would about any concerns that you have about their learning, come and talk to us. Sometimes children will need additional support for a short period – this may be in the form of a daily check-in with a trusted adult,  time to talk through what they are feeling and support in developing ways of moving forward with this. 

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