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How I can help my child at home?

There are lots of ways to help your child practise reading...

  • Listen to your child read every day. Help them decode a word by sounding out. Ask questions about the book they have read. 
  • Make sure you pronounce the sounds correctly. See the relevant link.
  • Read to your child at a level that is more advanced, so they are exposed to a variety of interesting language.
  • Visit the library regularly.
  • Play different word games like scrabble, I spy, I went shopping.
  • Have a word of the day!
  • Visit websites for extra practise.  See the relevant link.
  • Try to encourage your child to spot familiar words in signs, advertisements, and posters when you are out and about!
  • Encourage children to write lists, emails, letters or a diary and use their sounds to spell.
  • Always approach your class teacher for more advice or any question you may have.
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